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Money Livelihood Game Book (PDF) Susan James

The Money-Livelihood Game Book
(by Susan James)

The Money - Livelihood Game Book is a short
(approx 32 pages), full colorful, easy way to
move forward in our Money and Livelihood
Desires. Our Desires create the path, and having
easy ways to stay inspired, enthusiastic and
expectant have always been my practice.

These simple ways to use ‘effortless
visualization’ help to keep us on track and
provide a re-do dance when we need one. We
are assisted in inconspicious ways both
physically and non-physically in accomplish-
ment, feeling good and playful along the way.

Playing these games with ourselves assist both
the beginner and seasoned individuals in
reminding us that life and our intentions along
the way are meant to be more playful and
fulfilling than we may have been aware.

Included with the various games is a brief
summary of Desire Fulfillment and how it
comes to us in Stages, Steps and Doors as well
as a Bonus at the end not mentioned in the
books Table of Contents.

The PDF and Paperback versions allow for easy
printing of the 4 Black and White pages
of the Games and Charts and are duplicates of
the colored charts. The Kindle digital version
although less expensive but just as colorful and
inspirational due to its format, does not allow
for easy printing of the Games and Charts.

(8x10 Spiral Paperback Now Available ! Both here
and on Amazon!)

Table of Contents:
Desire Fulfilment Comes to Us In Stages, Steps and Doors
Sword of Three’s
Livelihood Chart-(color)
100X Comes Back to Me-(color)
My Magic Wall-(color)
Daily Play Chart-(color)
Momentum Statements
Money Momentum Statements
Read Write Read Statements
Livelihood Chart-(b&w)
100X Comes to Me-(b&w)
My Magic Wall (b&w)
Daily Play (b&w)
BONUS: 9 Day Livelihood Money Sword
(complete the chain)

Money Livelihood Game Book
Amazon Kindle Version

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