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©Just Thanks Panda (a Susan James Manifestation Method)

©Just Thanks Panda is Born!
(a Susan James Manifestation Method)

Many of us are aware that using our thoughts
to think in terms of gratefulness and thank-
fulness, automatically increase things to
flow to us which makes us even more thankful!

I’m not a ‘journal person’-I’m a Magic
Clipboard person, but I fully understand the
significance of using thankfulness and
appreciation to assist us in our lives and
businesses. occurred to me to design an
easy quick way without needing to journal to
make thankfulness easy and fun.

Thus ©Just Thanks Panda was Born!

©Just Thanks Panda makes the practice of
thankfulness and appreciation effortless and

Gratitude is a chain, it just gets better and better
and each link builds upon the next.

©Just Thanks Panda:
-is an easy quick way without Journaling to
show thankfulness to ourselves and others.

-It helps us Splash Happy Thoughts

-Makes the practice of thankfulness easy & fun.
-Helps us to create a positive base from which to
create our lives.
-Giving thanks for little things brings us big
things. Goodness flows to Goodness!

The Panda meaning:
The Panda is a symbol for gratitude. Gratitude,
thankfulness and appreciation fill our hearts
with good feelings. As we give simple thanks
for wonderful things, large and small, including
people, more good things to be thankful for
show up.

©Just Thanks Panda is an easy way to apply
‘appreciation and thankfulness’ without having
to make a special effort to journal it. This makes
the practice of thankfulness easy, giving us all
the benefits of doing so. This helps us create
droves of happy thoughts bringing more to be
happy and thankful for!

What Exactly IS ©Just Thanks Panda ?

Each postal mailed Packet of ©Just Thanks
Panda includes:
-1 pad with 50 sheets (with Panda design)
-10 little Square Cards (with Panda design)
(and guidelines how to use the packet)

With each sheet of the pad, no matter when or
where simply jot down something you may be
thankful for in that moment. Then you can toss
the paper away or keep it.

With just a quick little note, you have done
enough to keep things feeling good, which adds
to more feeling good.

The Panda Squares are something you simply
hand to someone or mail to someone.

There is no website on the card, no promotion,
its simply a ‘Just Thanks’(with a Panda graphic)
that you hand to someone in your day. My first
day with using them, I handed one to someone
at Planet Fitness and someone who waited on
me at the post office. Just hand them a simply
‘Just Thanks’ then you go on your way. The
back is blank, so you can write something on it
if you choose.

©Just Thanks Panda is Available for Purchase
on these fine sites! ($14.95 Shipping Included/
Free Shipping Domestic)

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©Just Thanks Panda
Susan James / Vast Five / 426 Writer, LLC

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