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Castles Escrow - a Metaphysics / Esoteric Approach to Invisible Money / PDF-EPUB

Castles Escrow
a Metaphysics / Esoteric Approach
to Invisible Money
Susan James

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Susan James wrote in one of her many books,
The Done Deal, that circumstances do not matter.

She goes on to remind us in her newest book,
Castles Escrow, that as we choose to under-
stand how applied higher law as spoken of
through Biblical principles, Metaphysics
and the Esoteric, our lives can become more
of what we desire for them to be; and easier
than we would have thought.

This is cause of great optimism for any of
us whom choose these higher understandings.

Using some concepts offered through the
writings of Esther and Jerry Hicks of
Abraham-Hicks, Ms. James discusses the
how-to of the Invisible Escrow, the place
where all of our desires reside including
money, prior to appearing physically.

From The Preface
This Book May Be For You....

If you are someone who wants to believe
in what they can’t see yet, this book may
be for you.

If you are someone who realizes that with a little
practice your life could be a little, and then a lot
better, then this book may be for you.

If you are someone who has read in other
places that hope is not a strategy, I’m here
to let you know, that hope is a wonderful strategy.

It is my highest hope for you, that you move
just a little bit forward, feel a little bit better
and then see the wonder of your life unfold.

And if you are someone who is already familiar
with themes of this sort, you may find something
that you enjoy to add to where you already are.

From The Introduction
I’ve written in my earlier books some of my
experiences and the higher tools I’ve used.
This newest book is simply more of my own
expansion from where I have been.

This book is not for everyone, nor is the study
and understanding of non-physical entities
and their way of helping us through others.
But if you believe in Angels and the like then
maybe there’s a crack open for some new
level of understanding.

I’ve hungered for higher information and then
applying what I’ve learned in my own

That’s how I know this works.
And oh is MUCH Easier, this
way! And I LOVE it So!

The Truth Does Not Bend, But Our Use Of It
Allows Us To Bend Everything. (sj)

Susan James

Castles Escrow
a Metaphysics / Esoteric Approach
to Invisible Money
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