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Castles & Buttons (Book 3) How to Have Everything Minus Effort (PDF-EPUB)

Castles & Buttons- Book Three
How to Have Everything by Doing Nothing
Advanced Higher Mechanics

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Any one reading any of the greats from Emerson, Cady to Neville to Abraham-Hicks and so many, many more, from Metaphysics to Theosophy, the Esoteric and beyond, we are told that everything is possible, there are no limits and we can have anything we desire to have. It is that promise which keeps many of us on the steady higher path.

The Higher Law operates with simple guidelines:
• Have the Idea (which is ‘thought')
• Add The Affirmation (which is also ‘thought')
All else is taken care of by the Law.

For some of us, including me, there have been some in-between stages to the above 2 steps. (As in Don't keep changing our mind by adding doubt, fear, lack of confidence, etc.)We have to expand our understanding of a Source outside of our humanity. At one time, I was so off the path of higher anything, but I didn't know any different. My life reflected my lack of knowledge and understanding. But ‘something' kept me moving higher, bit by bit. ‘Something' kept me safe.

And bit by bit, the things that did not feel nor look good in my life, began to drop away. It was my willingness to be open to things I did not yet understand, but wanted to ‘believe' in, such as, the promise of better, of good, of wonder. The Fairy Tale. ‘Something' kept moving me forward into believing in the fairy tale. For me The Fairy Tale was about happy endings, happy in between, happy everything. All of which our culture does not necessary have credence for.

This 4th Installment in the Castles Series, this being Castle’s Book 3 continues in the experience of The Promise The Bounty. It’s what has kept me ‘after it’; to understand itand apply it.

Some of the themes covered in this Book 3 of the Series:

• The Promise of The Bounty
• How to Believe in The Fairy Tale, When We Don't Yet
• Electrons and Puppies for Manifestation
• How To Convince Yourself It's Yours
• When It Feels More Like a Castle Than A Button
• When You Just Can't Get Over ‘Not Liking It'.
• Being Thankful When You Can't Find a Way to Feel It
• Susan's Example From Her Livelihood
• The I AM and Financial Independence
• Tomatoes and The Three Billionaires
• The I AM and Financial Independence
• Opening The Floodgates On Supply
• Excitement Plus Anticipation Equals Expectation
• Is It Time to Re-Invent Yourself?
• Why We MUST Choose The Castles of Our Lives
• Great Abundance NEEDS Our Castles
• How I've Used This Information
• The Ambition of Achieving One Thought Creation
• Benefits of Thought Games
• The Fire Letters and Manifestation
• Asking and Other Higher Tools of Action
• The Importance of Having More Light
• The Difference Between Prayer and Decrees
• What Releases The Power of Higher Light?
• The Overall Higher Intention
• Largesse Abundance (What it Is and How to Have It)
• From Out of Bounds to Boundaries Have Been Moved
• The Higher We Go (In Light Energy) The Easier It
• The Overall Goal of Creation (Delight)
• A Strategy for Believing You Have It

Enjoy the entire Castle’s and Buttons Series and you too may then understand how creating Castles or Buttons is the same and everything you want is already there for you!

Also Available on Amazon Kindle and Vast Five Publishing Sites (VastFive / 426 Writer, LLC)

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