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Castles & Buttons (Book 2) How to Have Everything Minus Effort (PDF-EPUB)

Castles & Buttons- Book Two
How to Have Everything by Doing Nothing
Advanced Higher Mechanics

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This is the 3rd of the Castle’s and Buttons Series . If you’ve
read the ones that came before;The Introduction to Castles
and Castles Book One, this third book, Castles and Buttons,
Book Two, goes a bit deeper into the higher study and its
implications. Implications include money flow and financial

The key understanding to get to, is everything is simply given.
Those of us who are committed to understanding higher things
at some point are ready to entertain this notion of everything
is just given to us.

When I reached that place of understanding that this could be
true, the effort then came in unraveling any underlying themes
or beliefs that kept me from the experience of it.

The unraveling came in both the knowledge and the
experience of the fact, that I did not have to do this and that,
so that I could have or get this or that. I have translated it
over into every part of my life. I know it's about how we use
energy. I've had to develop my own way, my own games.

I've had to not listen to all the hype, while still enjoying parts
of it. I have fully convinced myself that circumstances and
conditions do not matter.

When we are purely aligned with Source Energy, our
thoughts, ideas and timing all meet for a wonderful event or
experience. It becomes the way we live, instead of the
occasional miracle.

The Mechanism of Financial Abundance is attached to two

• 1. Understanding Higher Law and It's Benefit as We use this
• 2. Feeling Good IS The Mechanism of Financial
Abundance.It brings More Money and Money that Sticks to

I can relate to this big time, because before I smartened up, I
would get big money and then something would happen to it,
or something would need fixed which took the money away as
fast as it showed up.

It's very nice these days, to have the money flow and not go!
It's very nice to not have to fix things, or backup and re-start
and re-do. Altho, at those times, that's exactly what I did. I'd
re-start with the mental ease, and I'd re-do, with the mental
ease, and up and out I went! Done Deal Baby!

Some of the themes covered in this Book 2 of the Series:

• How To Make It Easy
• Dissecting The Fast Track To Desire Fulfillment
• Simple Things I’ve To Keep My Attention On Track
• The Mechanism of Financial Abundance
• Getting Out of A Jam While...
• How to Create From The Highest Non-Doing Place
• Understanding Castle's and Buttons As The Same
• The Higher Meaning of The Tree of Knowledge
• The Done Deal Future Pull
• Acquiring Money and Creating Money
• Blasting The Barriers to Money Flow
• How To Melt Our Limitations, And Become Limitless
• Allowing More Money
• How to Intend from The Knowing State
• 5 Ways to Move Our Lives Towards Abundance
• The Easy Way To Win
• Applications Universal to Finances, Health, Relationships
• The Law of The Done Deal (And How to Use It)
• How To Open The Door To Boundless Supply
• Flashback to Circumstances Do Not Matter
• How To Increase Our Belief Level
• The Power of Precipitation (Using True Vision)
• Not Lifting a Finger, Only Needing A Thought

Also Available on Amazon Kindle and Vast Five Publishing
Sites (VastFive / 426 Writer, LLC)

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