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Castles & Buttons (Introduction) featuring Castle Speed (EPUB)

Castle Speed (An Introduction to the Castles & Buttons
Series) How to Have Everything by Doing Nothing
Understanding How Creating Castles or Buttons is The Same
Advanced Higher Mechanic

Castle Speed is an Introduction to the main book series,
Castles and Buttons 1,2,3
This Introduction will let you know
if you are interested or curious about what lies ahead in the

Castle Speed & The Castle & Buttons Series are based on the
Susan James philosophy of The Truth does not bend, but our
use of it allows us to bend everything (sj)’

Throughout the series discover and understand some of the
themes which begin with Castles-The Introduction to The

• How creating Castles or Buttons is the same
• Creating w/o work or effort
• creating miracles and magic easily
• void of work or effort in desire fulfillment
• implementing higher levels of energy manipulation
• wealth, prosperity is a given vs having to work for it
• flipping the ‘do something to have something’ attitude
• How riches and wealth were once poured out
unconditionally and getting back to it
• Dismantling the doing to have and simply being given
• Trigger of Automatic Manifestation (Getting w/o Doing)
• How Spoken Word Overpowers Our Incorrect Thoughts
• Eleven Words For Manifestation Success
• Dissolving The Loop of Limitation
• Feeling vs Emotion For Desire Fulfillment
• How To Know It’s Coming And Minus Work Or Effort
• The Dime Tree
• Christmas and Money
• Reaching The Unreachable (How-To)
• Help to Unlock The Mysteries of Our Own Thinking
• Getting Past Potential Into Unlimitedness
• Choice vs Desire In Manifestation-When Trying IS Enough!
•(Knowing the Difference, Makes All THE Difference!)
• The Magic Wall + The Magic Wall List = The Done Deal
•(Castles: The Reason We Can Get What We Want Void of
Work or Effort)
• From Ease to Easier to Automatic: The 3 Phases (The System for
Castles and Buttons)
• Proclivity and Done Deal Timing
•How to Run Into Your Fulfilled Desire/Money Idea, More
Sooner Than Later
• The Magic Pill of Limitless (The Recipe for Grandeur)
• Success and Vibratory Lock Beyond The Law of Attraction
• A Billionaire’s Magic Pill

The entire Castles series was Susan writing it out, showing
how her own evolving has shown up for her. She was able to
get clear in understanding and could see how,as in the Biblical
story, you can ‘make bricks without straw’.(In those days, you
needed straw to make bricks, but the Pharaohs denied the
straw as a punishment. But in using higher nature, they were
told from ‘on high’ that they would make bricks without

Enjoy the entire Castle’s and Buttons Series and you too may
then understand how creating Castles or Buttons is the same
and everything you want is already there for you!

Also Available on Amazon Kindle and Vast Five Publishing
Sites (VastFive / 426 Writer, LLC)

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