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Castles & Buttons (Book 1) How to Have Everything Minus Effort (EPUB)

Castles & Buttons Book One
How to Have Everything by Doing Nothing
Advanced Higher Mechanics

Castles-Buttons The Same, But How?

One of the first phrases I latched onto in my beginning study
of higher things, was the phrase mentioned in Abraham-Hicks
material,‘Castles and Buttons are the same.’ My first thought
was, ‘how can that be?’ And since I have an investigative
nature, I set out to find out, just how, Castles and Buttons are
the same.

For those new to the study of metaphysics, and things of a
higher nature, the phrase ‘Castles and Buttons are the same’,
implies, that it is just as easy to create a Castle as it is a
button. It’s as easy to create a wonderful expansive lifestyle,
as it is to live in the ruins of one.

Again, I asked.. ‘How in the world can that be? And if it is
true, how can it be easy?’ The entire Castle’s series is about
my belief in ‘the Promises’ and my getting there.

I want you to know, I’ve been where you are, and I’ll give
you examples of how I’ve expanded beyond it.I’ll give you
things to try, which worked for me.Things which helped me
find out for myself, that yes, indeed, Castles and Buttons are
the same. And...We can have what we want without all of the
doing, and without ‘goofin’ it up first, as was the sub-title of
one of my first books, and Editors Choice winner,
Manifesting 101 & Beyond.

Castle’s is based on The Ideal. The Law. And this law says,
that only the best of the best is the only thing that we should
be choosing. The Best. The Best of The Best.

Castle’s is about not settling for less than what we really want.
And most importantly, forget about anything other than Plan
A. There is no Plan B, once we understand what we have in
our hands.

We’ll use examples that are of your life. And I know they are
of your life, as I’ve lived it. I’ve had the broken cars, broken
finances, broken relationships, but my understanding of what
I had hold of, as long as I would practice and apply it, would
move all of my mountains and moved me smack dab in the
middle of my castles. It brought new and better in everything.
Things showed up without struggle and strife and concern.
Then it became automatic.

Automatic, as in when it turns dusk the lights on the light pole
automatically come on. Automatic as in breathing and walking
without having to think about it first. Automatic as coin in the
drink machine, drink plops out. Automatic as when we play
the card game ‘Free Cell’, we make one move and many
others automatically are moved for us. Automatic is becoming
The Genie.

Some of the themes covered in Castles & Buttons-Book One:

• Bricks Without Straw: Unlimitedness-Doing The Impossible,
• How Do We Begin Having Our Castles and Not Settling For
The Buttons?
• Profusion Abundance (The Opposite of The Other Shoe
• The Opposite of Limited is Not Un-Limited
• When The Ton of Bricks Becomes An Avalanche (And What
To Do About It)
• Example of The Done Deal at ‘Work’)
• A Done Deal Example From My Beginning Days of
• The Golden Parachute vs The Golden Wheelbarrow
• Quantum Manifesting Accelerated: Sword Statements
• The Learning Curve of Not Having To Do Anything
• A Shortcut to Easy and Automatic

Enjoy the entire Castle’s and Buttons Series and you too may
then understand how creating Castles or Buttons is the same
and everything you want is already there for you!

Also Available on Amazon Kindle and Vast Five Publishing
Sites (VastFive / 426 Writer, LLC)

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