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Susan James Books

Susan James Books

Staunton, United States · 58 items

Privately Famous (Hank Ramsan) epub

Privately Famous by Hank Ramsan (Novel) (epub)

Writer Hank Ramsan’s Unique Methods to Wealth and
Fortune also led him to the love of his life, and to the threat of
losing it all to the underworld’s rich and powerful. Hank’s
methods threatened to undermine and destroy those who held
the world’s purse strings. They would be having none of that.

In Hank’s own words, Privately Famous tells the story of what
eventually led to The Millionaire Maverick, which was first
written with his permission by Susan James.

Follow Hank through his discovery and implementation of
what was once hidden from the masses, and now made
available through his writing of Privately Famous.

How one Writer, Hank Ramsan, Became Wealthy While
Remaining Private and Along The Way Met The Love of His
Life. This Disturbed The Underworlds Rich and Powerful; At
What Cost To Hank?
(46 Short Chapters Approx 95 pages)
Vast Five Publishing / 426 Writer, LLC ARR
Also Available in Kindle Version / Soon Paperback!

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