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SJ Confabulation

What is Confabulation?

The Act of Conversation. An informal interchange of
thoughts, information by spoken words-oral

Simple: You and I visit, by phone, for an hour about
what you want, or whatever you’d like to talk about.

However, we do it from a higher knowledge
perspective. Higher knowledge as it’s applied to
money, life, lifestyle and business. These conversations
are beyond the basics of ‘How to Get What You Want
w/o Goofin’ it Up First’ (Susan’s first book, Manifesting
101 & Beyond/Winner of Editors Choice Award).

If you’ve expanded beyond the basics and are ready
for new ideas and concepts from a higher perspective
and skill as well as their application to Wealth and overall happiness, I hope you’ll entertain Susan James Confabulation.

Rates: $150 first phone call / $99 each consecutive
monthly call desired.

Susan James Testimonials
The SJ Mini (3 Days Email w/Susan) $95.
The SJ Mega (5-7 Days Email/Susan) $190.00
The SJ Monthly Retainer (phone/email/text) $1900.00
Susan James Confabulation (1 phone call) $150. 
Then $99 following month.

To Enroll in any of the above, please visit:

  • $150.00

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