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SJ Confabulation

SJ Confabulation focuses on Higher Law with
the Intent of Immaculate Momentum towards
the fulfilment of desires.

There are 2 things I love which I’ve built my
business and livelihood around: Books and

I also love the art and creativity of business and
behind the success of it all has been my study
and application of Higher Law.

The focus of SJ Confabulation is on 2 things
that ‘matter’ the most:

1. Relationship with Source Energy
(Understanding How Source Works)

2. Higher Level of Thought (which easily and
effortlessly creates that which is preferred,
what Susan refers to as ‘Immaculate

Higher Law is the Law that transcends physical
law and transforms the physical experience. (sj)
It is to this end that SJ Confabulation moves.

Confabulation is ‘The Act of Conversation’.
An informational interchange of thoughts,
information by spoken and or written
communication. However, we do it from a
higher knowledge perspective. Higher
Knowledge as it’s applied to money, life,
lifestyle and business.

These conversations are one on one with Susan
through a combination of phone (2-30 minute
calls/ month) and email.

SJ Confabulation is beyond the basics of desire
fulfilment, though a good foundation of those
basics are helpful in regards to momentum.
There is a higher level of thought whereby the
need for the placement of ‘image and feeling’ is
no longer necessary.

If you’ve expanded beyond the basics or simply
feel you are ready for more from the higher
perspective, possibly entertaining SJ
Confabulation would be a fit.

Monthly Rate: $999.00 / Month

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Other Considerations:

The SJ Mini $175.00
(3 Days of Email Interaction w/Susan)

The SJ Mega $275.00
(5-7 Days of Email Interaction w/Susan)

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